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Zeynep Kocasinan'ın Kitapları Seçkin Kitapçılarda Satışta
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22 Ekim 2007 Pazartesi

Where Do You Get Your Message?

Most of the time in our lives, we are waiting for that big event that will change everything, that will save us from our daily dilemmas or problems and bring in the magic. Yet, the magic of life is hidden in the ordinary, in the mundane, in the daily events of our lives.
Are we aware?
Are we listening to the quiet sounds around us?


I was at a butcher in Fethiye to buy some lamb chops a few days ago. Since the shop was busy, the owner asked me to sit down and have some tea. So I did. I sat at a table where 2 old gentlemen from a village I could not hear the name of were sitting. They were talking about another gentleman who had had an operation and was in recovery. Soon enough as luck would have it, the younger brother of the ill gentleman appeared at the butcher’s. I was to overhear their conversation about the reasons of the illness of this man.

The younger brother was talking gently: “... It is all in the mind. Our mind creates the illness. If we expect the worse, then that is what we get. My brother needs some time off from worry. No wonder he got sick. He needs to eat well, think positive, and rest. ...” I could not keep quiet for too long, and joined in the conversation. As we were talking, I discovered that this younger brother had read some of my articles in the Turkish magazine Genç Gelişim that I write monthly to. Soon enough we were talking about the power of positive thinking.

As the conversation was going on, a friend of mine who is also very interested in energy therapies came to the butcher. With her, we started to talk about finding our unique way of connecting with the Infinite Intelligence. Religions or mystics schools such as Kabbalah or Sufism provide strong connections. Others prefer additional methods such as meditation, art, music or energy techniques to connect with the wisdom of the Universe. For some, it is enough to desire to connect, and they find themselves conversing with the Eternal Intelligence.

Yes, I’ll admit that sometimes I am glad that shops are busy. We were deep in conversation when I heard the voice of the butcher Hüseyin. He said “I realize that you are enjoying this conversation, but you were saying you were going to go to the Sovalye Island, and probably the weather there is more pleasant that here at the market.” So it was time to leave. We all felt as if we went on a trip and came back while sitting on those chairs sipping our tea from the warm tea glasses.


My question for you this week is: “How do you connect to the Universe, to God, to the Infinite Intelligence?” First of all, do you? Or are you aware that you can and may? Some get messages in their prayers, some in their dreams; some find it in the lines that seem to shine when they open a book; some hear it in a conversation they overheard in the street; some hear it in a song on the radio; some get the answer to a question on a billboard. Where do your messages come from? Have you ever realized that there may be messages for you?

There was a movie called “LA Story” written by Steve Martin in which he also played the part of a weatherman who was getting help through messages from highway billboards. I remember watching this comedy some 16 years ago. I never ran into talking billboards; yet, I did get many messages from billboards. Once I found myself asking a question in my mind over and over to take some action or not. Then at some red light, I looked out the car window and saw a billboard with an ad that read “Go for it.” Or I once found myself asking about whether to say yes or no to an offer, and as I was looking around in ultra slow traffic in one of the busiest streets in Istanbul, there was a billboard with an ad that said “Say Yes.” I had many similar and funny instances with billboards.

One day a reader of Land of Lights sent me a message. Actually she wrote to me that she became aware of my articles when she was using an old issue of Land of Lights to wrap something up in a friend’s house in Fethiye and saw my column then. She is also a Reiki Master and we seem to have very similar interests, but we were not aware of each other. We would not have met has it not been for her wrapping up with an old copy of Land of Lights.

We could say that all these are coincidences, and we would be right. Yet, what we mean by a coincidence makes the difference. I am one of those who believe that everything that we encounter is a message, and that everyone that comes into our lives has a message through his or her words or presence. What we do with the messages – to hear not to hear, to see not to see – is for us to choose. We live in a world of free will and free choice no matter what you may think or believe. The magic of the Universe is always at our service.


This week, I would like to share some messages from Kabbalist Yehuda Berg. He points out topics that may help us to connect and to hear the small voice inside and outside:

- Everything worthwhile is difficult. This little nugget of wisdom is not only common sense, but is explained beautifully by Kabbalist Rav Ashlag: "And you should know that all possessions or attributes that can be generally included as Wisdom, Might and Richness, have to be achieved through effort. For a big possession you need to go through big sufferings and for a small possession you need to suffer little." Today, check in with yourself to find out just how hard you are willing to work to achieve your dreams.

- Don't give up the ship. I can't tell you how many successful people told me their breakthroughs came the moment after they decided not to abandon ship, quit, forget it, change jobs or break up. The problem is, we give in to the pain. We can't endure and we submit to the feelings of worthlessness, doubt, hopelessness, and on and on and on.Today, I ask you to have patience - with yourself. Find a way to soothe yourself, to talk kindly to yourself, to tell yourself: "I'll find a way."

- Once upon a time, a tiny frog fell into a giant bowl of cream. Unable to get out, the little fella kept kicking, kicking, kicking until finally the cream turned to butter, and he was able to jump to safety. This is us. We are the frog. We can either give up hope when faced with impossible challenges, or we can kick, kick, kick until the curses turn to blessings. Rest assured, our Creator wants us to survive our battles, conquer our demons, and no matter how dark life may be, there is always Light at the end of the tunnel. Our challenge is to maintain our certainty and to continue fighting the good fight.Keep kicking today. Know that there is a solution to whatever it is that threatens to overwhelm you.

- Loving your neighbours – or your enemies, for that matter – has nothing at all to do with morals or ethics. Rather, Kabbalah teaches that love is a formidable weapon in furthering your own cause in life, which is simply to gain true joy and fulfilment. In other words, you benefit when you love others.Today, open your heart when you feel it closing. Loosen the chains and learn to love.

- It is written, "...and all the blessings in the world will start to chase you." When you live in harmony with the spiritual principles of the universe, blessings come quicker. The faster you run from things that are bad for you, the quicker good things will chase you. It also works conversely - the more you don't do what you know you ought to, the more curses you get thrown in your lap. Run today! Run away from your ego centric thoughts and run towards helping others.

- Energy is never lost. We've all had experiences where we gave our all in a romantic or business relationship, only to get burned! "What a waste!" we might think. But according to Kabbalah, our efforts empower a force from above that brings that right person or deal into our lives. Today, be willing to go for it, whatever "it" may be.

- Kabbalah teaches that the pain we draw into our lives is the pain we need to help us grow. Today, I ask you to recall a moment when someone really hurt you. I'm talking about a time in your life you wouldn't revisit if I paid you a million dollars. Remember exactly how you felt when the person hurt you.Dig deep and ask yourself why that person was in your movie in the first place. Why did you cast them in that role? There is now an opening in the universe for you to really get to the bottom of things and to have clarity on a truly painful part of your life.

I wish you wonderful days. With love,
Affirmation of the Week:

“I open my heart to love and I am safe. All is well in my world.” By Louise L. Hay
Quote of the Week:
“I believe every person here on earth, they have a calling. Your real job, not your career, but your real job is to figure out what that is. When you align your soul with your personality … you are the most powerful you can be. … Nobody can touch you.”
Oprah Winfrey
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