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Zeynep Kocasinan'ın Kitapları Seçkin Kitapçılarda Satışta
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22 Ekim 2007 Pazartesi

Is the Genie at The Grand Bazaar?

I was at The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul yesterday. I had gone to buy a table cloth as a present to a friend and a lamp if I could find a good one. What kind of a lamp? Not an ordinary lamp. I wanted to buy one to remind me of the messages of the famous book “The Secret”. Actually I had three such lamps already. My mother had bought me two – one from Dubai and one from Morocco. The third lamp I had was in Fethiye. A very close friend of mine had bought just a few weeks ago for my birthday.

Yet, yesterday I thought I wanted another one. As I entered the Bazaar I started seeing many of these gas lamps, in all shapes and sizes, dark metal colours and in shining brass. I almost bought one. The owner of the shop said 70 Turkish Liras. I said 30. After a little bargaining, he made the final offer of 35 Liras. Yet, something did not fit. So I moved on. Those of you, who are acquainted with how I feel about listening to my heart, know that if it does not totally feel right, I go on to look for the one that feels right. Anyway, as kept on walking around the Bazaar, I kept on looking at lamps. I wanted something that had that magical quality. A lamp with that genie that would tell me “your wish is my command” every time.

In about one hour, I had bought the table cloth I was looking for, had some tea and a club sandwich at a nice café right in the Bazaar, and also had the realization that I would not be able to find that lamp. As I was planning to leave the Bazaar, I asked myself, why is small and beautiful lamp from Dubai not enough? Or the big brass one from Morocco? I bought my apartment in Fethiye in one day. When something is right, I do not delay; I do it. Yet, for buying a small lamp, I could not decide. I could not find the right one because such a lamp did not exist for me. Actually because I did not need a lamp or an object or anything, even as a symbol to show me anything.

I knew that universe wants us to win and succeed every time. The genie is indeed with us each moment just as “The Secret” says. And even that was not necessary. God and our angels and so many human angels that we call friends are always with us. I knew it so well, yet still wanted that thing, a lamp, a symbol to remind me. I was reminded to just know and be aware that I know without the need for a compass. How could I forget one of the first lessons that I had learned from my teacher Moshe. Although I was aware not to buy something that I did not truly want, I was not that clear in not wanting something I did not need. We have only one true compass - and that is our heart. And unlike magnetic compasses, it never fails to show the true north.


The wisdom of Kabbalah also tells us that Light, Divine Energy, is always with us, if we call it in the correct fashion. The author of the famous book “The Power of Kabbalah” Yehuda Berg reminds us: “When you live as a loving and sharing person, the Light comes into your life - not because you're `good' or `righteous,' but simply because it is the nature of the Light. Conversely, the Light withdraws when you show anger, spite, or envy because the Light naturally disconnects from energies that are so different from its own. Stay connected to the Light today by following the instincts of your higher, elevated self.”

Kabbalah also teaches that every time we go out of our way to help a person out, a new channel of energy opens up to us. They call it creating positive angels. Positive words and actions create positive energies that support us. Negative words and actions put layers of curtains in front of our connection to the Light. Kabbalists say that if things seem darker, it is not because the source provides less; it is because we chose to receive less with our actions, words or intentions. Change what you put out and what you receive will automatically improve.


I have an exercise for you this week:
This week give away five pieces of old and worn out pieces of clothing or items from your house.

Maybe an old toothbrush that needs to be left behind. Or a pair of jeans that is waiting for you to lose that weight for the last five or even ten years. (It happens. I did have some jeans from college that I gave away only a couple of years agoJ. ) If you are on a holiday and only have the things that are new and that you love with you, then please do this when you get back home. It will be well worth it.

Clear up your clutter and make space for the good things that are waiting at your doorsteps. I wish you love and lots of luck.
Affirmation of the Week:
“I forgive myself. I love and approve of myself. I communicate with love.”
By Louise L. Hay
Quote of the Week:
“It is within my power either to serve God or not to serve him. Serving him, I add to my own good and the good of the whole world. Not serving him, I forfeit my own good and deprive the world of that good, which as in my power to create.”
Leo Tolstoy
Book of the Week:
“Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude” By Jeffrey Gitomer.
The Turkish translation of this book is available under the name “Jeffrey Gitomer’in Küçük Altın Kitabı Evet! Tarzı.”