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Zeynep Kocasinan'ın Kitapları Seçkin Kitapçılarda Satışta
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22 Ekim 2007 Pazartesi

Energy of Crystals

Years ago when I had started learning about healing, energy healing with crystals was the first method I was introduced to. Since crystals are also beautiful objects and are known to be used in Feng-Shui as well, I get many questions about them. Therefore, this week I would like to talk about crystals a little.

Crystals for Healing and Divination

We are all made of atoms with nucleuses and electrons revolving around them. Everything on our planet is up of the same system, indeed our universe too. We are energy. So are crystals. Crystals have been used in healing and divination for thousands of years. Since they provide extra energy, they open up our energy channels and therefore we are able to use our 6th senses better. Then we are able to connect better with the universal intelligence. Clairvoyance, clairsentience are a result of creating this clear channel. To improve our awareness, there are many methods and teachings. For example, in Kabbalah and Reiki we use symbols to improve the flow of information.

Although I believe that we do not necessarily need anything to know or to heal, sometimes using an object, an aid may speed up the process. For one they do have an energy that supports, but also because in our three dimensional world and human mind, we believe that cures and help come from outside. Some of my students and some of the people who consult me equest me to give them a crystal, a flower remedy or an aromatherapy oil as a supplement to their energy treatments. I access a person’s condition they we meet and plan a treatment accordingly. Sometimes a combination of various methods is needed, but not necessarily always. Yet, the placebo effect is there. Just be aware that in essence we do not need anything other than our mind to create and to heal. However, it is tough to create that concentration at all times. Then we need another person, or medication of some nature to give us help. And also, as every human being is different; our personal methods of healing and learning and living in general are very different. We all need different things. A therapist uses methods that are required for the unique individual. There can be no stereotypes.

One of my energy healing teachers, the author of the famous book “Re-member”, Steve Rother is also a certified hypnotherapist. When asked why he does not hypnotize himself when he goes to the dentist, but uses medication, he says: “When a medication can do something very quickly and easily, it may not be worth the effort to try otherwise.” On the other hand, hypnosis is every effective in helping people to get over their fears of going to the dentist or to the hospital. For the pain in a treatment, hypnosis maybe used to diminish and stop the pain. The choice is ours according to our needs and circumstances.

Pain is a symptom, it is not the cause

The important thing to remember in relation to pain is that pain is a symptom. Pain is not the cause. When we have a headache, our body is trying to tell us something. We maybe dehydrated; there maybe a physical problem or an emotional problem. It is a sign for us to look into the root cause of a situation. In using complementary healing methods, in using energy healing, that is what we are trying to do.

Over our physical body, we have an energy body around us with various layers. An illness supposedly starts as a negative energy implant on our energy body and if it stays there long enough, it moves itself toward our physical body and shows itself as an illness. Our energy body is mostly called the Aura.

Crystals Clean and Clear Our Energy Field

Crystals affect our aura and can be used to add energy, to clean and clear and to raise the frequency of our aura. Energy healing methods claim that if aura is as it is ideal level and frequency, then our physical body is also at its best. When the problem in the energy field is repaired, then the physical body is at a more ideal situation to heal itself. As my teacher Moshe always says: “The body heals itself. What we do is to create the best circumstances.” What we are trying to do is to prepare the ideal conditions for the body to heal itself. That is the aim of energy healing. Of course, during the course of our lives, we get loaded with various forms of negative energies through the media, the people we encounter at work, outside. Even the problems at home cause us to be loaded. If we do not clear them from our energy field, then our defence mechanisms do not work as they should. What we call an illness emerges.

There are hundreds of different kinds of crystals documented. Some of them are more commonly known and used. To receive their effects, we may place the crystals in the room. We may hold it in our hands or place them on specific energy chakra:

1- Clear Quartz: Used to clean the energy field. Pointed types can be used to direct the energy to a certain direction or point. They are like energy batteries and raise the frequency of where they are placed. It is used to open up the crown chakra which is thought to be right over our head.
2- Amethyst: It has a very gentle and protective energy. It may be placed to harmonize the energies and to protect. It is used to recharge other crystals and can be kept in the bedroom for insomnia and nightmares.
3- Aquamarine: This crystal is recommended for throat and mouth related problems. It is thought to improve communication skills and problems. Helps re-establish loving communication in all areas. Since this is a stone believed to be related to the power of the sea, it is used in fish ponds for healthy marine life.
4- Malachite: This green stone is thought to be good for migraines, aids the heart, the stomach and the liver area. Green coloured crystals are used to speed up healing and also are known to be effective around the heart area, the heart chakra. It can be placed near a computer or a phone to filter its negative energy.
5- Rose Quartz: The light pink coloured stone opens up the heart chakra. It heals emotional wounds such as grief, stress, fear or anger. It is thought to bring peace at home and to work. It helps increase healthy self-love and self-esteem.
6- Citrine: This yellow crystal is known to bring clarity to our thoughts. It diminishes pain, feelings of doubt, sorrow and tension. It is also thought to improve our adaptation to changes. It is good for the digestive system.

Crystals are living stones. Therefore, make sure you clean their energy. The method I use the most is to wash them under running water. Occasionally, soak your crystals in water over night. Do not leave your crystals in totally closed boxes or places for too long. They seem to need the air. Leave them in the sun and under the moonlight every couple of months. Amethysts may fade under sunlight; do not leave them under direct contact with the sun. Yet, make sure that they receive enough light. Some books recommend using incense and sea salts for cleaning. I do use sage as a clearing incense. The use of sea salts is a little more risky. Some crystals loose their properties when they get in contact with sea salt, or if too much salt is used or for too long. If you are not certain, just use water.

Wish you days filled with love and light.

Affirmation of the Week:
“I release all that is unlike love. There is time and space for everything I want to do.”
By Louise L. Hay

Quote of the Week:
“You who would accomplish little must sacrifice little; you who would achieve much must sacrifice much; you who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly.”
James Allen

The Book of the Week:
“The Seat of the Soul” By Gary Zukav
The Turkish translation of this book may be found under the name “Mutlak Gücün Yolu.”