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Zeynep Kocasinan'ın Kitapları Seçkin Kitapçılarda Satışta
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22 Ekim 2007 Pazartesi

A Different Point of View

There are moments in our lives when we feel more in love with life itself. What makes that moment different than a moment of the day before? We may count many reasons, but I will say that most of it due to our point of view. I thought I always knew this, but I was reminded again last night.

Last night I was on the phone for an hour and half with a Kabbalistic Astrologist from Los Angeles. As some of you know I am very interested in the teachings of Kabbalah and Astrology. Occasionally I write for a Turkish astrology magazine. Yet, this time it was my turn to learn both about myself and astrology. Kabbalistic Astrology was the topic.

I need to say that Kabbalistic Astrology is a little different than astrology as we know it. It is more about available energies and the advantages and opportunities future holds as well as potential lessons or difficulties. For astrologist Linda from The Kabbalah Centre, it was a warm morning in LA; for me, a cool night in Fethiye. This week, I would like to share with you some sections from my conversation that I believe would be of interest to you:

First of all, Kabbalistic Astrology points out that every year on the day of our birthdays we receive all of the energy of the coming year. Not the day before, not the day after. On that day we are given the energy that we will use for the year to come. We are given the power to solve the issues that will come before us. However, the birth date is determined through a lunar calendar, therefore the date changes every year with respect to the Gregorian calendar. For example my birthday is on May 22nd. According to this lunar calendar my birthday in on May 21st in 2008, and May 10th in 2009.

Through our birth date, time and place, we choose a certain life lesson for a lifetime. Those of you who follow my column know that my teachers Moshe Abudaram and Steve Rother taught me a lot about our free choice to be born. We choose our life lesson and purpose and choose the conditions and settings that will enable to experience this lesson in the best possible way. Beware, I did not say, in the easiest or most comfortable way. Through my own experiences I am convinced that it is all our choice. God, The Universe, whichever name you choose, gave all the tools, the rules and the power with it. What we make of it, is our choice. There is no one to blame when things do not go as planned. We chose it that way.

Ok, lessons and opportunities come in front of us. Then, we have a choice. We may accept the call and try and act; or we may pass the lesson. Paul Arden says: “Do it, then fix it as you go.” According to him we spent too much time trying to perfect things before we actually do anything. Kabbalists say that we will have to face that lesson soon or later. And when it is later, it is usually more difficult. For that reason, Kabbalah recommends to accept everything as a gift from Light, the Light force of the Creator, and welcome it no matter what. For if rejected, they believe that the next encounter will be harder. We have a choice on how we will perceive events and how we will react to them. And this is what determines what we believe we have witnessed or lived. In other words, through our perception, acceptance and proactive or reactive behaviour we create our reality. The same event may seem as a curse or a blessing according to our point of view. When we accept everything as a “Gift from The Light”, we feel good and this opens the gates of our miracles.


There is a book by the Kabbalah Centre which has not been translated to Turkish. The name is “God Does Not Create Miracles. You Do!” Although this book was published before The Secret, it has similar suggestions. Yehuda Berg is this book of his says: “If you’re neck deep in crisis, and you want to meditate, pray and change your character to ignite a miracle, you must also arouse tremendous excitement and certainty at the same time. You must summon all the feelings you’d experience if the miracle was already right in front of your nose. You must behave as if you already had the miracle. You must ignite the same excitement, joy and enthusiasm as if you were holding the miracle in your very hands.”


To invite miracles into our lives Kabbalah tells us to invite excitement into our lives. The universe is accepted to be a big mirror reflecting back to us what we give and show to it. Charity, but true charity, is also considered to be a great miracle maker. However, Kabbalists remind us to keep away from giving with the intention of gaining respect, acceptance, praise and honour in return. The giving should preferable be done anonymously if possible and most importantly out of love and not fear. Since it is believed that true charity has the strongest power to remove karmic debts or judgements, it also has the power to help us attract miracles.

Also letting go of feelings such as anger, revenge, fear and worry also create space for the good to come into our lives. Kabbalah tells us to accept the responsibility for our lives, accept all of the good and bad in our lives as blessings. This acceptance and not blaming anyone other than ourselves and not putting the blame on conditions allow the veils that cover the reality of the magic of life to be lifted.


As some of you already know Yehuda Berg is also the author of the famous book The Power of Kabbalah. In one of his messages he asks: “Have you ever noticed when you ask someone, ‘what do you want to change about yourself?’ the answer you get is often quite long. Yet when you ask, ‘what are your positive attributes?’ the response is not so long. Yes we are here to penetrate the thick messy shell of our ego and our accumulated tikun (correction). But we also need to recognize how great we are, how lofty our souls, how much we have to share with the world. Bottom line, what do you love about yourself? Figure that out and you're one step ahead of the rest of us.’

According to Kabbalah, in our three dimensional world, the grand truth of life is covered with layers of veils, both for our protection and also for our growth. As we grow and learn and accept the responsibility of our lives and act proactively and for the greater good, then the veils start lifting, one by one. In our soul journey, surely all of us will walk the path to unite with the Light. Up until then, as each layer is lifted, we are greeted with more and more miracles.

May your journeys be filled with excitement and joy. May all your lessons be within your grasp. And may the support of The Light and Heaven always be with you.
With love,

Affirmation of the Week:
“As I change my thoughts, the world around me changes.”
By Louise L. Hay

A Quote to Keep in Mind:
“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself. All progress depends upon the unreasonable man.”
George Bernard Shaw