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22 Ekim 2007 Pazartesi

Invite the Colors into Your Life

Being an artist, colours are a big part of my life. I can not image being without a pen or a pencil or some form of paint. I feel as if I am paralyzed if I am not able to use colours in many paintings. When we talk about healing and complementary medicine therapies, colours play a part there as well. There is a lot of information in the media every day about what is good for health, what is good for a better life and about what we need to do in order to make our lives better. I do not think that we need anything necessarily. Life can be great as it is. What I do want to do is to share what I know in case if you do want to do something, you will have some idea what to look for. That is sort of my unofficial mission in life. As I was going through the books that I have I saw one on colour healing. I use colours and their energy or images in my healings. Adding colour to our life I believe is something we all can do so easily that this week we will look at this very simple but a strong and effective method. It is time to play with colours.

Colour Therapy is one of the new and popular methods in complementary healing and usually is used together with other methods. Colour healing is known to be used in ancient Egypt, India and China. It is mainly used together with crystal healing, but also as a complementary aid to most of the energy healing modalities.

The first study known about colour healing was done by the American Edwin D. Babbitt who lived between 1828 and 1905. He published the book “The Principles of Light and Colour” in 1878. Later famous Austrian philosopher, mystic teacher Rudolf Steiner is known to use colours in his spiritual teachings. Many studies have been done of the effects of colours on our psychology as well as physical, emotional and even financial welfare. I will not go into technical details. Yet, I would like to provide some information on how you may use colours to experiment with ways to improve the quality of some aspects of your life.


The energy field surrounding our physical body changes colour according to our moods. For example, the term “green with envy” is a true representation because our energy field has a certain frequency when we feel envious and this reflects as the green colour. The red in the “red hot temper” reflects a similar situation.

Colours represent a certain frequencies. And we may use these to clear and feed our energy field similar to the way we use crystals. For example, many complementary healing therapists use kinesiology muscle testing to find out the frequency of the colour needed by a patient and determine the duration of exposure. Afterwards the patient is exposed to that coloured light either in the third eye area between the eyebrows. My teacher Moshe uses a small flashlight like device to give coloured light to this chakra. This is one of the methods I use; I find this technique very effective and easy to apply. Also, sometimes the whole body may be exposed to a colour or colours with projectors while lying on a massage table. There is no need to take off any clothes, since our energy field, our aura, extends up to even a few meters from our body.

Let’s look at some of the qualities of the colours with respect to healing:

RED: This colour is used to root ourselves, to ground ourselves when we seem not able to concentrate. Also, after doing meditation, looking at something red may help us to come back quickly. Red is known to improve circulation and connect our soul to our physical body. If your energy level seems low and you cannot find the energy to get up and do something, try drinking water put in a red jar or red water glass. You may also leave the water jar under the light with a red light bulb. Anaemia, low blood pressure and colds are some conditions that red light is used as well as having low energy. This colour is associated with the root chakra. This energy opening that is located between the anus and the genitals and is connected to our physical needs for survival.

ORANGE: Orange colour is known to be good for indigestion, low vitality, asthma and cramps and gallstones. Emotionally it is known to uplift feelings of sadness, boredom and inhibition. This is strong colour and excess of it may cause you to be self-indulgent. Keep in mind that balance is always the aim in healing. When our energy field is in balance, our body functions better. Orange is also associated with positive thinking and for that reason is used to encourage sales in business.

YELLOW: Foods that are yellow are known to be detoxifying. This colour also corresponds to rational thinking. Yellow coloured crystals such as citrine are considered to be helpers to clarify our thinking. It is used to clear the effects of negative emotions such as depression and low self-esteem. Writers are known to use this colour to overcome writer’s blocks. Skin problems, constipation and in some cases diabetes are physical ailments that treatments with this colour helps. As I mentioned earlier, you may always prepare water exposed to the various colours to receive their beneficial effects.

GREEN: This is the colour of nature bringing peace and harmony and relaxation as the nature does. Green is related with the heart and the heart chakra. It is for people who have claustrophobia and heart and lung conditions. In brings stability and has a soothing power. The only time you may want to avoid too much of it is when you are required to react very quickly. This colour also helps us ground ourselves. By the way when you are in nature, why don’t you do as many teachers recommend – stand with your back against the trunk of a tree. Trees are known to balance our energies. Standing leaning to a tree for five minutes will both give you energy and also calm you down. Make sure you thank the tree for helping you balance you energies. They are also made of up energy. They do understand. J

BLUE: This colour of the sky and the sea is also relaxing and cooling. It calms. Blue is used in conditions of high blood pressure, fever, stings and burns, migraine and laryngitis. Blue is also known to establish trust. This colour is used to improve communication skills as well as maintaining and establishing honest and candid communication. Blue is used to heal both the physical conditions of the throat and the psychological. For example, even wearing a blue scarf around your neck might be an aid in overcoming your fear of public speaking. An affirmation such as “I am at peace with myself and the world” has the frequency of the colour blue. As you probably guessed by now, blue is associated with the throat chakra. To open up this area, in meditations we not use the light itself, but we image a blue light circling in this area and cleaning up any darkness or dirt that has accumulated here. Then, we let the blue light do down through our spine and in to the ground from our feet.

VIOLET: This colour is known to be helpful to people with MS (multiple sclerosis), concussion and epilepsy. It seems to improve lack of self-respect and loss of faith. Meditating imagining violet helps us to communicate better with our inner self or higher self as some call it. It is considered to be the colour of mind over matter, in a way opening up our spiritual awareness and connection. Violet is not recommended for people overcoming alcohol and drug addictions as well as for people with mental disorders. It vibrates at the highest frequency of the colours in the spectrum; therefore, it is known to stimulate psychic sensitivity and expression. Also, since it contains both the colour blue and colour red, it can bring balance warm and cool energies in our systems and balance our feminine and masculine sides.

Turquoise is an important healing colour used by Native Americans and Egyptians. It has been used as an anti-inflammatory agent. It also boosts the immune system up. The colour Magenta is used to help our kidneys to function better.

If we use each colour in balance in our lives, it will be easier to reach and maintain balance in our lives. Colours play a big role and most of us are not aware of it at all. Try wearing different colours everyday. If you find yourself wearing too much black or dark browns, add some light to your wardrobe and to your life. Try to wear whites more often for example.

In cooking make sure the foods that you prepare contain various colours. This is also a way of confirming that you have a balanced diet. For example, when preparing a salad, keep this in mind and add ingredients with different colours. You will see the difference in how you feel after a few weeks. When you are preparing garnishes, make sure you use ones with different colours. The plate will not only look better, it will balance your digestive system better.

You may also play around with different coloured light bulbs that you may easily find in an electrical supply store. You may not have the complex gadgets that a therapist has, but you can create yours and you will get most of the results on your own.

So this week why not experiment with colours in your food, clothes and home? Or just paint and invite the colours to your canvas or notebook. And invite them into your life. Always do what rings true in your heart. Only you know what is best for you. And as Miles Davis said: “Do not fear mistakes – there are none.”

Wish you a week filled with the colours of the rainbow. With love,
Affirmation of the Week:
“I trust the process of life. Only right and good action is taking place in my life.”
By Louise L. Hay
Quote of the Week:
“Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased.”
J. Krishnamurti
Book of the Week:
“The White Castle”; By Orhan Pamuk. Just a reminder: Orhan Pamuk is the famous Turkish author who won the Nobel Prize for Literature 2006.
The Turkish translation of this book is available under the name “Beyaz Kale.”
All of the recommendations in this article are for informative purposes only. Please consult your doctor and dietician first to see if they are applicable to your condition. All complementary healing methods should only be used under and with medical supervision and consent.