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Zeynep Kocasinan'ın Kitapları Seçkin Kitapçılarda Satışta
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22 Ekim 2007 Pazartesi

The Script of Life

Between April 12th and 15th I was in Istanbul to attend a four-day seminar given by Steve Rother and his wife Barbara. They gave a course on a new complementary healing method called Inverse Wave Therapy. Being a Reiki Master and using various other complementary techniques I was curious to see what Steve had to say.

Steve Rother has three books that have been translated to Turkish. His most recent book is called “Spiritual Psychology”. Steve Rother is not a psychologist. Actually he used to be a contractor. I remember years ago when I read this, I was so surprised to find out that I was not the only contractor who was into spirituality. I worked with my father for 12 years as government contractors for constructions. Then about two and a half years ago my Dad passed away. And I still do own that construction company in Istanbul. Steve was in a way a confirmation for me that contracting and spiritually goes well together. J

Well, life had a change of plans mapped out for Steve Rother and now, he is a well-known channel, teacher and a famous author. This down-to-earth medium has been sharing the messages of “The Group” for about 12 years now. This was the fourth time that he was in Turkey.


Steve’s first book was called “Re-member”. Why re-member with the hyphen? Because Steve wants us to remember who we are, why we came here and what we came here for. He wants us to remember that we are a part of a great whole. If we remember who we are, then we can remember our power to create and we can start to create our heaven on earth. According to him to remember is to bring our pieces together, to bring our spiritual family together and to get back on the track that we came here to walk.

As I talk about Steve, I remember the first day I met my own bioenergy and reiki master Moshe. It was a one-day course introducing various complementary healing methods, but also he was answering questions as he usually does. A lot of people had asked him about their kids – kids that they believed they caused to be born and the whys and the hows. Yet, I remember clearly what Moshe had said: “We come to the world with our own specific plans. We choose a certain family, a certain part of the world, our gender, and plan out all the details of the life that we would like to live. And then we are born to live this script.” Steve Rother more or less says the same things.


So when a problem shows up in our life, who is the culprit? Dr. Joe Vitale in the movie The Secret says “Everything that surrounds you right now in your life, including the things you’re complaining about, you’ve attracted.” What Steve teaches, as well as Moshe, is that we most probably chose it to happen that way for a purpose. Whether we are aware or not. I agree with them, to say that we have created it that way. We have been given the power to create as we choose. Here the hidden secret is that we are able to re-write that script if and when we choose, and that there are methods that can help us to do that gently and easily. Although I will not discuss it in detail, I would like to say that Inverse Wave Therapy is one of the methods, and there are many others. We have been given all the tools. That is our birthright; our Divine Heritage. That is in a way the magic of life.


Please be aware that all things that do not serve you were your creations to start with and can start to change with a shift in you consciousness. The movie The Secret discusses this topic in detail. This movie is a must-see. If you can not find the movie, go for the book. I really recommend both. “What Do Bleep Do We Know?” is also a similar movie that you may enjoy if you haven’t seen it already.


As for our daily lives, Steve Rother reminds us:

Breath. (Yes, we do forget to breathe no matter what you think. J Z.)
Bless your food and drink.
Empower your children and to treat them as empowered beings.
Define yourself by what you want instead of what you do not want.
Find your higher passion.
Step out of destiny consciousness to journey consciousness in your life.
Love yourself first. Put yourself in the light first. When you prosper then you can help others do the same.
Thoughts create you reality. If you do not like your reality, change your thoughts. And do not create worry.


You may think and see that many teachers say the same or similar things. It is not a repetition, but more so a confirmation. And when I see similar messages in so many different resources and works of teachers, I feel the need, the pressure to share them and to repeat them even more.

As Steve Rother’s connection “The Group” says, “Treat each other with greatest respect. Nurture one another at each opportunity. And, Play well together. … For each message, listen and see if it resonates with your heart. If it does, breathe it in. If not, just let it go, without judgment. It might be for someone else.” This is true for all of the messages of the universe.

Have a wonderful week. With lots of love,

Affirmation of the Week:
“Love is powerful – your love and my love. Love brings us peach on Earth.
By Louise L. Hay, The Author of You Can Heal Your Life.
Quote of the Week:
“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” Oscar Wild.
Suggested Reading:
“Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth” By Peter Kelder.
The Turkish translation of this book is sold under the name “Tibet’in Gençlik Pınarı”.