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Zeynep Kocasinan'ın Kitapları Seçkin Kitapçılarda Satışta
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12 Şubat 2011 Cumartesi

Modern British Sculpture

I have been to a strong exhibition today, thanks to a friend to works at Royal Academy of Arts in London: Modern British Sculpture.

This was not what I was planning to do on my last afternoon in London this Saturday. I am pleasantly surprised.

If you are planning to visit London until April 7th, plan to spend some time to visit this exhibition, even just to visit first few halls.

After the entrance section of the exhibition as you enter the room on the right hand side, you start to travel in time. Just that room is enough to take in what this exhibition was set out to give. Even just that room was enough to make my soul travel around the world and through time. Statues from all around the world made from all possible materials. Limestone, marble, basalt, sandstone, gypsum, wood, cheerwood, elmwood, granite... This room in the exhibition was named "Theft by Finding" and as walked around the room, my head started spinning. It was as if each statue was being a channel for the time period and culture it was representing.

Was it the Totem Pole from Canada that touched me more or Statue if Moai Hava from Rapa Nui-Easter Island? Or the torso without the arms or the head from India which felt quite alive?

How about The Seed by Maurice Lambert and Sekhmet borrowed from the British Museum for the exhibition? One from 1932 and the other from 1350 BC seemed familiar with each other. So different and so good together.

London is always full of surprises. It turns I was in the same room with Madonna for a couple of hours this morning and did not even know it until much later. Oh, well, maybe next time.

As I am heading back home, I do feel a little tired, but definitely calm and thankful. Grateful.

May those who share their love and light with me, receive even more.